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Foxwood Motorcycle R&R offers a range of re-commissioning, repair and restoration services for your post-war Sunbeam S7 or S8 twin, 4-stroke Ariel NH or VH single or Ariel FH or KH twin.

We can take whole bikes or just components, engine, gearbox, rear-drive, to restore them to their former glory or simply make them work again. We can improve them with sympathetic upgrades, such as electronic ignition, improved breathers, improvements to lubrication, disposable oil filters etc. and we can do full or partial restorations.

We can do as much or as little as your time and budget will allow. We will be up-front with information about the likely cost and we will keep you informed of progress throughout. The pages about me and what will it cost? will tell you more.

Unlike most modern bikes, the parts for bikes of this age cannot always be swapped for a new part off-the-shelf. They often have to be repaired and reconditioned. New pattern parts are not always available and, when they are, the quality and fit are not always perfect.

We can troubleshoot, repair, recondition or rebuild:

  • Engines – decoke, oil seals, bearings, gaskets, valve guides, valve grinding.

  • Gearboxes – rebuilds & repairs, new bushes, new bearings, new seals.

  • Clutch – new plates, thrust bearing, new cables, setting-up.

  • Transmission – new chains (Ariel), shaft repairs and rear-drive refurb. (Sunbeam).

  • Wheels & Tyres – new tyres and tubes, new spokes, bearings, wheel building, brake shoes.

  • General maintenance – oil change, tappet adjustment, chain & cable adjustment.

  • Modifications – lubrication improvements, cartridge oil filters, clutch lightening.

  • Electrics - dynamo repairs, electronic regulators, electronic ignition, re-wiring.

  • Cosmetics – blemishes, paint chips, fitting accessories, straightening a bend part.

  • Frame – fork seals and bushes, steering head bearings, saddles, rear suspension.

  • Accident repairs – replacing parts, straightening and repairing where possible.

We have a small but well-equipped workshop where we can do light machining work, such as skimming cylinder heads and making one-off components, brackets and special tools. We also have facilities for small-scale brazing and electric and gas welding, for those repair jobs.

We can manage the whole restoration job end-to-end. There are, of course, some things that we can’t do, such as large-scale painting, chroming, re-boring, crank regrinding and some other specialised tasks. When such work is required we can arrange for it to be done by reputable craftsmen or engineers at a good price. Then we can do the assembly, finishing and testing to complete the job.


My 1954 Ariel VH

My 1952 Sunbeam S8

Foxwood's workshop. The door at the rear leads to the machine shop, where the lathe, milling machine and welding kit are housed

The wide front and side doors provide easy access and good security.

Work in Progress...

...A Sunbeam S7, an Ariel twin and a Sunbeam S8

The machine shop - Myford long bed lathe

Pillar drill, anvil, milling machine, grinder, workbench & linisher

The views expressed on this website are my own personal views. Nothing on this website is an instruction, nor an owners’ handbook, workshop manual, buyers guide or restoration guide. Stewart Engineering has the expertise for Sunbeam owners and they publish their own Sunbeam Owners’ Workshop Manual (The Bedside Book). Similarly, Draganfly Motorcycles has the expertise for Ariel owners.

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