Why entrust your bike to Foxwood?

Why pick us rather than anybody else to work on your classic motorcycle? Especially since our workshop is in Hampshire and you are probably a considerable distance away.

We only work on the post war Sunbeam twins (S7, S7 deluxe, and S8 models) and the post-war Ariel singles and twins (NH, VH, FH and KH). Why? For two reasons. Firstly because these are the bikes that we have intimate knowledge of, the tools for and the facilities to deal with. Secondly because specialising in a small sector of the classic bike market builds knowledge and skills faster and leads to greater efficiency and lower costs.

Generally, I don't need to look up what a particular setting is, nor how to dismantle or fix parts, the correct re-assembly order, nor a particular assembly tolerance. I know what and where to look for potential tell-tale signs, and when parts are missing, non-original, or wrongly assembled. I don't need to work out what thread or spanner size it is, nor the oil type or tyre pressures, or even where to buy the spares or expert services from. In those instances when the information doesn’t come readily to mind, I know who to ask and where to look.

We are fully focused on the needs of our customers, doing as little or as much work as is required and always keeping you informed if there are any unanticipated discoveries or issues. If additional work is needed then we will always check before proceeding. We are clear about how long we think it will take and how much we believe it is likely to cost but we are also realistic and up-front about the risks of opening up a 60-year old engine or gearbox to fix a “simple” problem.

We charge you by the man-hour for the time spent doing work on your bike. We work to high standards but we don’t waste time. If we need to make a special tool, do some research, ask advice, find a new supplier or make some calls to chase parts, we won’t charge for that. We don’t charge you for our tea breaks either but doing a thorough job does take time.

We warranty parts and materials that we supply. Parts that you buy direct from suppliers are subject to their warranty or guarantee. We always treat your motorcycle with respect and we stand by the quality of the work that we do – if we do a poor job, we will put it right.